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Polymer Clay Cutters & Tools

Helping you create beautiful clay artwork with premium polymer clay cutters and tools. We specialise in designing and creating classic, traditional, organic, symmetrical, asymmetrical, geometric and unusual, polymer & other clay, cutter shapes and tools.

Clay Lady Downunder was one of the very first to design and 3D print polymer clay cutters and tools here in Australia. We are proud to create tools to help you make beautiful art with your clay.

Polymer clay cutters, Arch shape (Archie), clay tools, clay supplies

About Clay Lady Downunder

With the advent of accessible and affordable 3D printing came the opportunity to create individual, bespoke items at home that would have previously been expensive and difficult to source.

At Clay Lady Down Under I have embraced this new technology since 2018, and from my home in Brisbane produce a wide range of 3D printed products that are used in working with different kinds and brands of clay.