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Polymer Clay cutters (Resin)

Polymer Clay cutters (Resin)

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Polymer Clay Cutters 3D printed in Resin and UV Cured

Explore our exquisite collection of Polymer Clay Cutters, crafted with precision and versatility to elevate your creative projects.  Our cutters are thoughtfully designed for use with Polymer Clay, Ceramic Clay, Earthenware, Greenware, Precious Metal Clay, Fondant etc.

Styles include traditional, symmetrical, asymmetrical, classic, geometric, abstract and more.


Unlike traditional cookie cutters and PLA plastic clay cutters, our innovative approach combines the strength and precision of resin printing with the reliability of PLA plastic. Resin-printed clay cutters stand out for their sharpness, durability, and ease of cleaning, leaving minimal clay residue. Say goodbye to join marks, as our resin cutters ensure a flawlessly clean cutting experience without leaving any marks on your clay creations.

All our cutters have a tapered cutting wall, ensuring a seamless clay-cutting experience, complemented by a sharp 0.04mm cutting edge. Unleash your artistic potential with tools that transcend ordinary boundaries and elevate your artistic potential.

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