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Animal Cutters

Animal Cutters

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Animal Shaped Clay Cutters (Suitable for Polymer Clay, Ceramic Clay, Earthenware)

Discover a captivating array of animal-themed clay cutters specially crafted for polymer clay, ceramic clay, earthenware and greenware enthusiasts! Elevate your artistic journey with our meticulously designed cutters featuring intricate animal shapes.

Immerse yourself in the world of creativity as you explore our unique collection, each cutter boasting a tapered cutting wall to effortlessly glide through your chosen clay medium. The precision is unmatched, thanks to the sharp 0.04mm cutting edge that ensures flawless results in every project.

Our commitment to quality shines through with the choice of materials. Opt for cutters 3D printed in either PLA biodegradable plastic or the superior resilience of resin. While most clay cutters and cookie cutters are crafted using PLA plastic, our selection stands out with a variety of 3D printed options in premium resin. Not only are they stronger, but the sleek finish adds a touch of sophistication to your creations.

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